Friday, January 4, 2013

Almost Spiritual

I've woken up to a mountain side
Beauty brimming in my mind
Glided on an eagle's wings
As my soul starts to sing
At the sound of your heart beat
I can almost jump and rejoice

Almost spiritual this is
I've found revolution in the air
We're closer to the dream
When you're here with me
The world doesn't have to despair
And the poetry won't stop

One look at the compassion in your eyes
And I look at the world and smile
You and me, we can save the world
Together we can set it free
With the convictions of your heart
You give my world a new jump start

Almost spiritual this is
I can see it in your eyes
To move on up and save the world
Share the dream and make it heard
Hope has finally arrived
And the poetry won't stop

Love is no illusion
Love is no dream
Everything is exactly what it seems
If you can look me in the eye, and tell me it's a lie
I'll stop believing and dreaming and die  
You can't deny...

Almost spiritual this is
Our journey home is done
The world can be the dream we see
If we just listen to the song of our hearts
And the poetry will never stop

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