Friday, August 23, 2013

Accidental Pebblestones Blues

The clock on the table is
Ticking away
Each second is slowly
Slipping away
I've been staring at the roof for hours
Plain and white
Numb as I can ever be
Through the night

Why is it so hard to
Get up and fight
The crazy feeling
It won't turn out right

I'm scared to the bone
Of the days I'll see
Scared by the chances
Of you and me
Scared for my life
What my days will be
Free indeed seems far too
Perilous for me

Come, oh wind
And whisk me away
Show me where freedom
Has no greater price to pay

Oh, these accidental pebblestones hung around my neck
I have a noose full of them keeping me in check
The trickle stream of your years will always be fine and dandy
Till you realise you've been sold short to a dream that's not so fancy

I wish I could wind it back
Just a little bit
Maybe a day more
How about a week before
Those many years ago don't seem so far away
I want to go back, seize the day and release these chains
So many stakes I don't need
Who are these, what are these people that I please?