Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Praise the Lord

I got a big fat chunk of happiness
Praise the Lord
He's given me everything I ever desired
Praise the Lord
Now I got to go and wave my flag
The Lord's blessed me much, He's made me glad
Watch me rub it in your face
Praise the Lord

I'm safe and sound and heaven bound
Praise the Lord
I've got the privilege to ride
Praise the Lord
I'm going to scream and shout it out everywhere I
Here's to you
I told you so
Let's raise a toast to Him
Now, praise the Lord

He's done 'em mighty works by his hand
Praise the Lord
He's the rock on which I stand
Praise the Lord
He's got me on his mind all the time
My life's fashioned by his mighty hands
Don't you see the big badge pinned on me?
Come on and praise the Lord

He's given me envy in the sight of the jealous
Praise the Lord
He's put his stamp on me and I'm protected
Praise the Lord
When you look at me with those suspicious eyes, I
only say, "Glory to God on high"
All praise belongs to him
Praise the Lord

I gotta sing and shout that He covers me
Praise the Lord
I'm so blessed in my sweet rest, now
Praise the Lord
I'm gonna parade it 'round town so that everyone
will see how good indeed he is to me
I got my license to boast his name
Praise the Lord

The good life is mine all mine
Praise the Lord
I've earned it each single time
Praise the Lord
It's a privilege you can't touch and feel
You have to earn it, to see it for real
May you be inspired by my parade
Praise the Lord

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Awwwwwww Song

Hey, what's on your mind?
Is everything, everything alright?
I got a funny, funny feeling when I thought about you this morning
I hope you're not having sleepless nights
Is everything OK?
How was your day?
Did you have your fun?
Are you glad with the day that's done?
Whatcha doin' now?
Wanna tell me all about it?
You know, I don't sleep without thinking about it at least once

I remember those days when you poured out all your blues to me
Oh, you're such an angel
What could the Universe possibly have against you?
Such a sweet, sweet child
Don't let your spirit die
You're the only one like you
You deserve the best, even if it's taken away from the rest
I surely absolutely must have to love you

You're simply beautiful when you're happy
The smile on your face and the joy in your heart can light up a thousand years
Can I swear to keep you happy and know you in all your times, good and bad with as many a thousand *hugs* as you need them
While I allay your fears and dry your tears, and I make sure all your blues are gone, I hope you see the signs, if not in my eyes, then in the story that makes this song