Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Types Blues

I opened my mouth to speak what was on my mind
But nothing came out and dumbfounded as was I
I had the Types Blues
I had 'em all day long
When I woke up in the morning, I could sense them crawling up my wall

Now you know I hate to put words in anybody's mouth
But when something's just plain awesome, you just got to scream and shout
But I had the Types Blues
Them blues was dogging my day
I really don't know what else I could say

You got a types this and a types that
There's a types in everything
You just have to open your mind when you see the Types Blues crawling up your wall
Just gotta give in
There's no use being confused, after all

But you gotta be careful
t's not your M or V sign
You can't flash it wherever you choose
Beware of it's abuse
It's your extreme privilege, to have the Types Blues crawling up your wall
It ain't your key to cool
You're lucky to have them blues at all

It's not just a word you add after everything you say
It's something you really really really feel
You can always tell the real from the fake
You don't want to aggravate the Types Blues crawling up your wall
You may not get them back
They may not come back at all

You got a yo, what's up and a how's it going, very cool and I told you so
The next time I see a pretty woman, I think I know just what to
But if she doesn't know the Types Blues, she certainly isn't that cool